Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins is the Superintendent for School District 64 (Gulf islands) and has been since 2006. His teaching background, mainly at the middle and secondary levels, has included a variety of academic subjects, often taught in interdisciplinary combination. In 2000-01, he served as BC’s first provincial Safe Schools Coordinator, developing award-winning resources and coordinating expertise from around the world to prevent and address emotional and physical safety threats to students and to help schools develop more positive cultures. Over the years, Jeff has created many specialized and alternative learning programs as teacher, counsellor, businessperson, school-based administrator, and Superintendent. His Master’s work in Counselling Psychology was focused on locus of control and its relationship to overt aggression in adolescents. It was here that he first began to fully appreciate the significance of nature-based learning. His current passion is the creation of individualized but systemized learning opportunities for children and for professional colleagues alike.

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